To view our virtual cruises you will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer - and you will need a broadband connection.

Step 1:
If you do not have Google Earth on your computer then download Google Earth (about 11Mb).

Step 2:
Follow the instructions to instal Google Earth on your computer and then load Google Earth

Step 3:
Try using the Google Earth commands. The top left box has a Fly To option - just put in a placename or even a postcode and Fly there. When there you can zoom in, rotate the view, or change the viewing angle.
Google Earth Help

Step 4:
Interesting places to Fly To include:
Buckingham Palace
London Eye
The images on the right of this page show some of the detail you may find - note that not all places have the same level of detail.

Step 5:
Blue Water Holidays has programmed Google Earth to construct virtual tours following cruise routes. These are simply downloaded by clicking a link. The tour will then be shown in the Temporary Places section of your Google Earth. Just highlight its name, and then click the Play button at the bottom of that section.

Step 6:
Go back to the Virtual Cruises of Norway and download cruises of interest


Google Earth FAQs